Certbot Renewal on OpenLiteSpeed

Howdy everyone. Today I wanted to walk through how I updated my LetsEncrypt SSL certificate inside OpenLiteSpeed. My UptimeKuma instance that is running in Oracle Cloud alerted me of the upcoming expiration via a webhook to a Discord

First, I opened my browser and navigated to my website. Within Firefox I can inspect my certificate and was able to confirm it will indeed expire within the next three days. Time to take action.

Step One - Generate new SSL Certificate

sudo certbot certonly

This created a new PrivKey and Fullchain key in this file path….


After running the command above, I updated the certtificate path located in the OpenLiteSpeed GUI found on port 7080. Navigating to Virtual Host —> matts-html —> SSL. Then performed a graceful reload of the OpenLiteSpeed web daemon.



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