Magic The Gathering Notes

Magic: The Gathering is a card game based in a universe where Plainswalkers roam the worlds battling each other for victory!

  • Plainswalkers cannot attack.
  • You are a Plainswalker (as a player) not a creature.
  • Plainswalker abilities can be activated whenever you could play a sorccery.
  • However you may only activate an ability once per turn.
  • You may play a basic land every turn.
  • Tapped Creatures cannot block.
  • Only draw one card per round.

Notes will be added as required by Matt and Ruby.

Deck Building Tips

60+ cards in a deck

House Rules

Playing Magic: The Gathering at our House or at a BlueBotPC hosted Gaming Event? Checkout our house rules below!

  1. You may mulligan once per game. If your first hand is trash, fully shuffle the deck and draw again. However I encourage playing the first hand.
  2. All cards are legal. We play Legacy.


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